Shag Workshops

The purpose of the Workshop Program is to provide financial support for Junior Shag instructional workshops. The intent is to encourage and make it easier for groups to hold shag workshops for junior shaggers and by doing so expose more juniors to the dance and give them a safe place to practice what they have learned.

We do not plan to fully sponsor workshop events or to organize them. We will assist shag clubs or groups that already have a strong interest in getting Junior Shag activities going in their area by partially funding the events. We encourage these events to be annual events and not just short lived efforts.

Eligibility Requirements:

Applications will be measured against this list of requirements and the priority will be given to those that meet all requirements.

1. Event should be smoke and alcohol free during the entire length of the junior event.
2. There should be no charge for juniors to attend event.
3. Event should provide a Beginner and an Intermediate/Advanced shag workshop.
4. Event should also include at least two hours of social dancing for the juniors.
5. Event should work to have and expect at least 40 juniors at the workshops.
6. Event should be recommended by a local ACSC club or Junior Shag Club.
7. Event should have a person identified as the event coordinator.
8. Event should be scheduled at least 30 days in advance.
9. Event should be advertised to all on the JSA and Ellen Taylor Foundation web sites at least 30 days in advance.
10. Event should not be scheduled on the same day as similar junior events within 75 miles.
11. Making the event an annual event is encouraged.
12. Event coordinator will agree to fill out and provide event summary form to Foundation within one week after the event.

Workshop Program Application Process:

1. Print the application from this site ( Workshope Event Assistance Application). Fill it out and mail it to the address on the form
2. Applications require a recommendation by an ACSC club or a Junior Shag Club. By recommending the applicant, the club is showing support for the event and expects it to have a high potential for success.
3. All applications will go to the Workshop Program Chairperson for processing.
4. Applications should be received at least 30 days before the date of the event. Sending the application in early could be important if more qualified applications are received than the foundation has funds to support.

Application Processing:

Applications will be processed in the order they are received by the Workshop Committee (Chair: Garrett Humphries). The Committee will compare the event described on the application to our eligibility requirements. If it meets all requirements it will be funded, as long as we have budgeted funds available. First come, first served. If an event application only meets part of the requirements, the applicant will be notified that the proposed event did not meet all requirements and the application will be held until closer to the time of the event to see if other applications are received that do meet all or more of the requirements. If there are no applications that meet all of the requirements, those applications that meet the most requirements will be given priority followed down the line until all funds available for event sponsorships are committed.

Workshop Funding Guidelines:

1. Provide $200 minimum per event unless applicants requests less.
2. Minimum funds will be provided to the event coordinator at the start of the event.
3. Provide an additional $5/junior for all juniors in attendance beyond 25 each.

Example: If 35 juniors attend, the event would get $200 in advance, and then an additional $50 after the attendance is reported. Maximum per event would be limited to $400. They would have to have at least 65 juniors in attendance to reach the limit. Funds for attendance beyond 25 will be provided as soon as attendance is reported.